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Liman helming kick-fest

Taking time out from getting The Bourne Ultimatum off the ground, director/producer Doug Liman is now setting his sights on the small screen with a kung fu comedy.

Currently untitled, the show will revolve around a pair of brothers who turn to bounty hunting to take care of their dear old mum. Instead of tooling up, the boys decide to use their martial arts skills to take the bad guys down.

Liman is on board to produce along with David Bartis, through their Universal TV Studio-based company Hypnotic. The show is being penned by US TV scriber Dave Caplan, who will also executive produce.

“I was a private investigator before becoming a comedy writer,” Caplan says, “and I'm currently training for my black sash in Wing Chun kung fu, so it was tough to resist.”

Ok Dave…nobody likes a show off.