Life is Strange video shows time rewinding troubles

Everybody wishes they could rewind time now and then - usually after saying something they regret, or maybe after spilling enchilada sauce all over their nice new shirt - but how would it actually work? Would you remember the mistake you made before and be able to avoid it? Would time snap back like an elastic band and dump sauce on you either way? Thanks to a new video for Life is Strange, we at least know how it will work for Max.

The upcoming episodic series from Dontnod, the studio behind Remember Me, stars a teenage girl who recently developed a mysterious power to rewind time. The video above shows how it will function both for solving puzzles and reconsidering decisions you decide you're unhappy with later on.

You can't go back forever, though - after a certain point time will stop, Max will clutch her head, and the screen will warp and scorch like burning film. It's one of several visual cues that the developers took from the main character's interest in photography, including a neat double-exposure effect that lets you see your current position and prior events while rewinding time.

The first episode of the five-part series will release on January 30 for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Check out our early impressions of the game for more details.

Connor Sheridan

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