Life is Strange: True Colors patch hopes to fix PC saving issues

Life is Strange: True Colors
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A rare bug in Life is Strange: True Colors is affecting players' ability to save their progress when playing on Steam.

Deck Nine Games' coming-of-age game was released a couple of weeks back now, and it's been delighting players with its emotive storytelling ever since. As part of its post-launch aftercare, the developer has been monitoring issues on the game's official subreddit, where it invites players to report any bugs, particularly "if it is not listed as a known issues".

To keep players updated, the team has listed all fixes it plans to deploy over the next few weeks, detailing what platforms will be affected and when the patch will be released. In amongst the usual issues of missing pre-order entitlements and framerate problems are a couple of worrisome issues for PC players, most notably a game crash in chapter three of the game on PC.

Consequently, the team is rolling out a patch tomorrow, September 20, that will address ray-tracing issues across all platforms, resolve an issue with missing pre-order outfits for Stadia players, and crucially, a fix to black screen and "aggressive lighting" issues on Steam, along with the save file problem.

The team also took great pains to explain these kinds of fixes can't be resolved as quickly as some would like as they need to go through various approval processes before they can be deployed.

"We had hoped you would all have a flawless first-time experience with Life is Strange: True Colors, and for those of you who wish these fixes were coming sooner, we completely understand," the team said in the reddit thread (thanks, TheGamer). "Please know that all issues must be investigated, re-produced, and understood before fixes can be worked on (this is exactly why your reporting, information and feedback has been so helpful!).

"Once issues are fixed, they still need to be tested by our QA teams to make sure they aren’t creating any unexpected new issues, then approved by the platforms, before finally bringing them to you, which is why everything, unfortunately, won’t be fixed in a matter of days."

Did you feel like Life is Strange: True Colors presented you with a choice you couldn't stop thinking about? You're not alone. 

"There are many occasions where I find myself inwardly agonizing over what to do during Life is Strange: True Colors, but this one choice in particular directly involves Alex's empathy power, and it got me thinking about some interesting questions surrounding what it means to face and accept our own emotions, and what right I have in my role as Alex to involve myself in other people's feelings by using her unique power," Heather writes in her fantastic article about the impact of True Colors' choices. "After I finish my journey in the small Colorado town of Haven Springs, I'm still dwelling on this one moment in the game, which demonstrates just how much of an impression it made on me."

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