Life is Strange: Before the Storm devs are hiring for ‘unannounced AAA single-player adventure game'

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm
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Is there a new Life is Strange game on the way? A job listing posted by developer Deck Nine could hint towards just this.

Deck Nine Games is looking to hire a lead programmer to the team to develop “an unannounced AAA single-player adventure game”, according to a new job listing.

The listing (opens in new tab) doesn’t give anything away about what this new game from them could entail, but it seems likely that this is either a brand-new IP or a continuation of Life is Strange, which is mentioned frequently throughout the job description.

“Our first game, Life is Strange: Before the Storm is loved by fans and has won multiple awards. The studio is working on an unannounced story adventure game and is growing additional teams for more projects”, reads the post.

It is important to note that Deck Nine is the studio who made the prequel title Life is Strange: Before the Storm, while the other main games Life is Strange 1 and 2 were both made by Dontnod.

Recently, we reported that Deck Nine would possibly be “handling all games related to Life is Strange in the future”, following an announcement that Chinese tech company Tencent has invested a minority stake in Dontnod.

This news does lend credence to Deck Nine’s next game being Life is Strange 3, but it could equally be a brand-new IP. Considering the success and acclaim of Before the Storm, Deck Nine might be interested in developing that world more, as opposed to starting fresh.

If the job listing is correct, this brand new title would have a home on PS5 and Xbox Series X, as one of the skill requirements listed is to have “experience on at least one current-gen console”.

There are plenty of rumors floating around to suggest that this unannounced AAA game is the next Life is Strange title, which is being talked about over on Reset Era (opens in new tab) and the game’s official Reddit (opens in new tab). You don’t have to look far on both of these sites to see people claiming and wishing for some news or announcement being on the way very soon. 

Whatever this new game from Deck Nine turns out to be, you can probably expect it to follow in the same footsteps as Life is Strange; so if you’re a fan of those games you have plenty to be excited for.

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