Every Lies of P best build for all character types

Lies of P best build
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Our Lies of P best build guide will give players something to aim towards, no matter whether you're looking for Motivity builds, Technique builds, or even Advance builds. If you're somebody who's determined to make the most out of the stranger weapons that Lies of P has to offer, I can help you max out your character.

Fortunately, there's something for everybody here, so we'll take you through all the best builds we've found while exploring Lies of P, and what weapons, stats, arms and equipment you need to get the most out of them.

The best builds in Lies of P

Lies of P best build

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Below we've listed our choices of the best three builds in Lies of P that players can work towards from the moment they start playing - it might take a little while to get all the pieces, but we've also made suggestions at times about what substitutes you can use until you get the optimum options.

  • Motivity build: Close-quarters tank
  • Technique build: Agile parry fighter with shock damage
  • Advance build: Aggro elemental attacker

You can scroll down or use the tags at the side of the page to read more about all of these, but it's important to keep in mind that ultimately, all builds in Lies of P need to be somewhat flexible - as in, even the best build will need modifying from time to time. Half the reason the game lets you modify yourself to such an extent is that you're encouraged to adjust your builds to specifically counter the bosses and threats you go up against, so everything suggested below is only a rough framework to be modified as required. A good puppet doesn't get tangled in their own strings.

Best Motivity Build

Lies of P best build

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  • Weapon: Greatsword of Fate Handle + Circular Electric Chainsaw Blade (with Motivity Crank)
  • Arm: Deus Ex Machina (landmine) or Aegis (Shield)
  • Amulets: Life Amulet, Nameless One's Amulet
  • Important Stats: Motivity, Capacity, Vigor, Vitality
  • P-Organ upgrades should focus on: Pulse Cells and endurance

This is a tanky, durable build where you'll constantly need to be enhancing your Capacity as much as your Motivity, to make sure all your great gear and constantly increasing armor equipment don't weigh you down. 

The Electric Chainsaw won't be obtainable until you reach the Arcade, purchased from a Wandering Merchant a little while after defeating the King of Puppets, and until then you'll want to keep the Greatsword Handle while swapping out various heads according to need and preference. Otherwise this is fairly self-explanatory - a close-quarters build that lands singular, heavy strikes while being able to endure a fair few hits before going down.

Best Technique Build

Lies of P best build

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  • Weapon: Tyrant Murderer's Dagger Handle + Electric Coil Stick Head (with Technique Crank)
  • Arm: Falcons Eyes (gun) or Puppet String (hookshot)
  • Amulets: Conquering Amulet, Patience Amulet
  • Important Stats: Technique, Capacity, Vigor
  • P-Organ upgrades should focus on: Mobility

This is a speed build all about being fast and mobile - lunging in, lunging back, inflicting shock damage and rolling away, with bonuses for those who know how to perfect parry successfully and often.

The Tyrant Murderer's Dagger is another weapon you won't get for a while, bought from Pulcinella after finding a rare box in the Opera House for him called the Incredible Venigni Collection. Until then, we struggled to find better than the starting Wintry Rapier handle, which has the same mobility and speed that makes the Dagger so appealing. Meanwhile, your arm allows you to either inflict damage from a distance or close the gap quickly - either of which can be very useful.

Best Advance Build

Lies of P best build

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  • Weapon: Acidic Crystal Spear Handle + Greatsword of Fate Blade (with Advance Crank)
  • Arm: Flamberge (fire) or Pandemonium (acid)
  • Amulets: Life Amulet, Patience Amulet
  • Important Stats: Advance, Vitality, Capacity, Vigor
  • P-Organ upgrades should focus on: Damage, Stagger and Pulse Cells

This was a tricky one, as Advance is such a left-of-field stat that even the game itself neglects to provide a starting build for it, as laid out in my Lies of P best combat style guide, but we eventually found this surprisingly-effective all-rounder build based upon aggressive play and long-reaching weapon range.

The combo of the Greatsword blade and the Spear handle (found in the Path of the Pilgrim) means that attacks reach far and can impact enemies before they get into the danger zone, and the Fable Arts associated with each piece are highly versatile. Whichever Legion Arm you pick, you should also grab an elemental Grindstone that matches it, so that you can ignite/drench your spear accordingly in boss fights and really pour in that elemental damage. In fact, if you really want to spike that elemental damage, swap the Greatsword head for either the Salamander Dagger or the original Acidic Spear head - what you lose on range you gain on melting faces.

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