Let's unbox the MGS 5 watch and check out the new Yoji Shinkawa art

In case you've somehow missed it, Kojima's kind of gone nuts on the MGS 5 merch - clothes, glasses, headphones, shoes. You name it, there's a Metal Gear Solid 5 logo on it somewhere. This is not a bad thing, but it's going to be ruinous for fans once the game's out.

This is the Sekio NextAge MGS 5 The Phantom Pain Collaboration Watch, based on a 1984 Digiborg watch that Kojima once owned. It's a hefty thing and beautiful if you like retro watches (which I do). Metal Gear art god Yoji Shinkawa has helped design the packing for this thing too, so let's take a look:

Here's a closer look at that packaging art:

If you want to buy one then they're around the $375 mark, so not cheap but they are very limited - that's 1403 of only 2500. As I mentioned earlier it's loosely based on this old watch Kojima had in the 80s:

If you want to win this then keep an eye out for the UK edition of the Official PlayStation Magazine that's out on the 25th of September, where there will be a competition for this and a separate one for a 20th Anniversary PS4 as well.

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