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Looks like a Metal Gear Solid 5 re-release is coming, and it's "definitive"

It looks like Konami's preparing a new release of Metal Gear Solid 5, but I wouldn't get my hopes up about that supposedly missing third act. Multiple retailers including Amazon Japan have posted a listing for "Metal Gear Solid: V Definitive Ex", or "Metal Gear Solid 5 Definitive Edition" in German retailer NetGames' case (via Eurogamer).

The listings all look like placeholders so far, with no box art and only NetGames listing an October 30 release date. That said, it's easy to imagine what an MGS5 re-release would include: it could put Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain in one package and bundle up all the DLC for Metal Gear Online. Throw in a month or two of free F.O.B. insurance and bam! You're "Definitive".

None of this is official from Konami yet, though the company has released what you might call an overly definitive array of Metal Gear compilations in the past. It won't stop just because series creator Hideo Kojima is no longer with the company. As for new Metal Gear games, it remains to be seen whether Konami's plans extend beyond the pachinko parlor.

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