Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude Cheats

Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude Hints

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    Spending Secret Tokens

    You can find Nigel in the Library,the VIP Room, Crappy Streets, on the right hand side behind the Art Museum. Use your Secret Tokens to buy nude models of the character, different loading screens and interesting mini games

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    Easy Confidence

    Play the game Whack-A-Pole in Larry's dorm (it's in the t.v.) to gain an easy 20 confidence each time you win. If you lose you will lose 10 confidence
    Various Tips
    While playing you will notice an extra options menu in your pause menu. In that menu there will be cheats like pictures, character models and option to turn off or on naughty or nude characters during game play. Naughty means the main female character in the game will have on more reviling clothes such as semi see through bra and panties. You can guess what nude means. Only they still have the bumper sticker across the bottom half. Here's the catch the only way to get these cheats is by buying them with the secret tokens hidden all over the game. You can also get these tokens by getting perfects on mission (5 per perfect). You get these items from the the green spiky hair guy Nigel. He's in the library by the coffee, leaning against a building on crappie street across from plaidmart, near the art gallery in the good area of town in a corner to the right of the big campus gates he's kind of hidden, in the art gallery down the hall behind the door to the art studio, the last Nigel that I know of is in the VIP room up stairs in the club where luba's at. You can also buy something from the retarded guy with soup can on his head but only after you beat his make over mission that mission can be found when you reach the 500 level missions. You can find the nude code the only one that really matters with Larry's uncle in the bar on crappy street. It cost over 260 secret tokens so don't waste them wimping out. Also the first time I talked to uncle Larry in the bar earlier in the game the nude code was not available. I did not talk to Larry uncle again until I beat the game and kept playing. That's when he had the nude code I do not know if you can get it earlier. All the cheats cost between 3 and 25 secret tokens. Also buy every item from everybody, not the alcohol. It helps with the % of finishing the game.

Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude Unlockables

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    Gallery Unlocks

    On Nice Street go to the right of the doors and find the man with the mohawk. The following gallery art is available for sale
    - Naughty 1
    - Bonus Art 2
    - Loading Screen 2