Leipzig: The News Awards

Another Games Convention over and done with, another arm-length list of announcements, screenshots and trailers. But what really shook our world at this week's Leipzig videogame shindig? There's plenty to choose from, and not all of it is limited to games or shots. So to help you get a handle on the week that was, here's our offbeat awards ceremony, celebrating our most interesting articles from the last five days.

The Most Revealing Stunt, sponsored by Dulux goes to...

The girls of the show

The "Games can be funny" award goes to...
Team Fortress 2: For it's brilliant trailer

The "Is this the Twilight zone" award goes to...
The 9 things we never expected to see at Leipzig

The Most Talky Trailer award goes to...

Metal Gear Solid 4: The beauty and the beast trailer

The Sleeper Hit award goes to...
Dead Island for it's zombie infested paradise

The "Breakup with Lara" award goes to...
Rubi: For her staring role in Wet

The Hospitality award goes to...
GamesRadar's fabulous (cough) hotel

The award for Biggest Mistake, sponsored by Gizmondo, goes to...
The demoers of Rockstar's Table tennis on Wii

The "How the hell will that work?" award goes to...
Pro Evolution Soccer on Wii

In true award show fashion we like don't like anyone going away empty handed, so here, for your viewing pleasure, is the best of the rest.

Metal Gear Solid Online - New shots
Alone in the Dark goes a bit Ray Mears
New Resident Evil 5Vid Sounds Rather Eerie
Visual conformation of Conflict: Denied Ops
Midnight Club: Los Angeles - first look
MGS4's real-life beauty
Devil May Cry 4 vid pounds our senses

GT5 Prologue Will Be First to Support Dual Shock 3
Metal Gear 4 Bosses Revealed
Operation Flashpoint 2 uncovered
Assassin's Creed goes old school
Beastie Boys rock Rock Band
FIFA 08 gets 10-player online play
Kane & Lynch: New shots
Empire: Total War Sets Sail, Literally
Whoever said might is right?
Sega Rally's winter wonderland