Lego stars camp it up

Wednesday 9 August 2006
We've got stormtroopers warming their arses, an intergalactic snowman and a frumpy looking Princess Leia in this latest batch of Lego Star Wars 2: The Original Trilogy shots, the brick-based action sequel which is out for numerous platforms this September.

Following on from the success of the first Lego Star Wars, the sequel takes gamers through the original three films in George Lucas' sci-fi odyssey, giving players the chance to control the fate of such iconic interstellar favourites as Han Solo and Luke Skywalker.

Just like the original, developer Traveller's Tales have laced the game with a quirky humour which sees Imperial troops trying to keep warm on Hoth and taking part in a spot of ice fishing.

The latest shots also show another example of the hybrid figures that can be created by swapping bodies and heads from a few of the 100+ characters that will appear in the game.