Lego Star Wars Battles arrives next week on Apple Arcade

Lego Star Wars Battles
(Image credit: TT Games)

Lego Star Wars Battles launches next week exclusively for Apple Arcade.

Just earlier today, TT Games and Apple announced that Lego Star Wars Battles would finally be launching next week on September 24 for all Apple Arcade subscribers. This means the strategy game from the veteran Lego developer will be launching on both iPad and iPhone devices alike, as well as Apple Mac.

Lego Star Wars Battles was originally unveiled as an exclusive Apple Arcade game earlier this month in September. The mobile game combines heroes, villains, and locations from all across the Star Wars galaxy for top-down strategy battles, as two teams push up a battlefield towards the base of the enemy player, taking down troops and vehicles as they go.

At the time of reveal, it was thought that Lego Star Wars Battles was actually a brand new game, being made exclusively for iOS devices by TT Games. However, it's since come to light that Lego Star Wars Battles was actually a game originally developed by Playdemic, soft-launched in several territories around the world in 2019, before being summarily canceled, with development ceasing earlier this year in July 2021.

It's not really clear why Lego Star Wars Battles was originally canned by Playdemic, nor why it's now been resurrected by an entirely different developer in TT Games. Nonetheless, the developer's Brighton-based studio has chosen to take on the Lego game formerly developed by Playdemic, and clearly sees some opportunity for the game's revival on Apple Arcade. Let's hope Lego Star Wars Battles fares better on iOS devices when it launches next week.

If you're up for more Lego and Star Wars action, you'll want to keep an eye on Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, which combines all nine movies into one package early next year.

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