Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 red brick collectibles guide

Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7
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Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 red bricks are particularly useful collectibles, as they can help you track down the rest of the gold bricks, character tokens, crests, and students in peril by using their powers. With a huge 600+ items to collect in total, you're really going to need those boosts to help you with such a monumental task. By harnessing the modifiers provided by these magical blocks you can make things a lot easier for yourself, so follow this guide to locate all 20 of the red bricks in Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7.

Prepping for the hunt

The way the game is designed, you’ll have to beat most of it to get every red brick, and all of it to claim every other collectible. Before you start hunting down red bricks, progress through the story, having fun and finding what you can, until you can roam around Hogwarts freely in year 7. At that point, you’ll have all the spells you need and have access to the characters tokens required. Just make sure to have about four million studs saved up to buy those characters.

You’ll need a character capable of casting dark magic and a Ravenclaw character. Finding a Luna token is easy (there are lots), but you may have trouble finding a dark magic user. Here’s one of the first you’ll have access to:

Unlocking Bellatrix

Bellatrix can be unlocked in the second half of year 7 if you use Hermione’s bag near Hagrid’s Hut. Doing so will cause a flying pumpkin to appear, which you can use to reach the airborne token. It costs just under 4 million tokens to unlock her. To switch to her, go to any cauldron drink the Polyjuice Potion.

Red Brick Locations - Detector Bricks

Once activated from the extras menu, these bricks show you where other collectibles are, provided they are in the same room as you are.

Gold Brick Detector

If you place the trash into the dumpster on the street between the Leaky Cauldron and the Underground Train Station, this red brick will pop out. Take it over to the nearby owl.

Red Brick Detector

At the Hogsmeade station, use dark magic on the red sign near the owl.

Hogwarts Crest Detector

Just outside the great hall, use dark magic on the object to the right of the owl.

Character Token Detector

Enter the divination room and assemble the box on the right side. Use this box to get up to the Spectrespecs, then assemble the invisible object on the left side of the room. Break open the newly formed crystal ball to find the red brick.

Red Brick Locations - Multiplier Bricks

Score x 2 

On the streets of Hogsmead. Grab the Spectrespecs nearby and use them to reassemble a snowman in the lower left corner of the screen.

Score x 4

At the train station, look for the red lock. You need Diffindo to break it open.

Score x 6

On the path to Hogsmeade, use Ron’s Deluminator to take the light from next to the owl all the way over to the lamp on the right.

Score x 8

Along the path between Hogwarts and the train station, use Hermione’s bag in the spot pictured above.

Score x 10

Outside the castle, take the forest path towards the bottom of the screen to find a gate. Use Hermione’s bag to open it up, then in the next area, use Reducto on the statue.

Red Brick Locations - Modifier Bricks

Collect Ghost Studs

Allows you to collect ghost studs, which are dropped by the guide and worth 1,000 each. In this small courtyard, use Diffindo on the tree. This frees up a red brick, which you can carry over to the owl to unlock the brick.

Stud Magnet

Pulls in studs from afar (except for ghost studs). In the hallway with the door leading to the room of requirement there is a statue that can only be destroyed with the Reducto spell. Grab the red brick from it and take it to the owl on the right end of the hall.

Fast Dig

Increases dig speed. Not the most useful modifier. This brick can be found along the forest path. Equip the Spectrespecs to find it.


Gives characters Santa hats. In the wilderness outside the tent in year 7, pull the large red mushroom out of the ground and ride it over the 5 smaller red mushrooms.


Makes you impervious to damage. In the north tower courtyard, use Aguamenti on the plant in the upper left corner, then destroy what grows.

Super Strength

Allows any character to use orange handles. Use dark magic on the object in the secret courtyard. The object is at the top left of this screenshot.

Extra Hearts

Gives you six hearts instead of four. In the defense against the dark arts classroom, unlock the horse skeleton using dark magic. Blast the skeleton until it kicks open the chest containing a red brick.

Fast Magic

Makes assembling and moving objects much faster. In the astronomy tower, use dark magic on the five red objects in the room.

Regenerate Hearts

Your life regenerates. Use dark magic on this object in the dark forest.

Character Studs

All characters drop studs. In the great hall, simply use dark magic on the object pictured above.

Fall Rescue

You won’t lose life if you fall off a ledge. You’ll first need to be walking around as a Ravenclaw character. Once inside the library, stand below the portrait seen above and press B. Use Diffindo on the red wall to create a key, which unlocks the door guarding a red brick.

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