Legendary: The Box - hands-on

But although the game looks great, the controls felt just a tad jerky during our brief play session. It's a small criticism at this point as the game isn't scheduled to release until Spring of 2008. But in terms of the big picture, Legendary: The Box is looking pretty sweet.

In the level we sampled, we found ourselves under attack by bloodthirsty beasts and members of the Black Order, a clandestine and conspiracy-laden organization out to capture the mythical monsters for mysterious purposes. You can pit the human and monster enemies against each other to clear areas. But you'll need to choose whether to down more mercenaries or monsters since human kills will score you more weapons while downed creatures will let you boost your health by sucking the life out of them. It adds an interesting element of strategy to the frenetic action, as you dive into these three-way firefights.

At this point in time, the biggest questions we have on our minds are in regards to multiplayer. Spark Unlimited isn't ready to discuss the details at this point, but we're told that we can expect some modes and concepts that go beyond the usual capture-the-flag and death match scenarios. We're hoping that Legendary: The Box can work their mythical monster angle to give us something more to look forward to than the usual headshots and weapon runs that seem to have become ingrained in the way we play FPS' online.