Legendary: The Box - hands-on

According to legends of the ancient Greeks, who gave the West everything from Aristotle to organized orgies, Zeus decided to give mankind the first woman, Pandora. It was meant to be a punishment to us all for stealing fire from the gods. But we're glad Mr. Lightning bolts gave us Pandora and her box of evils.

If he didn't, we wouldn't have Legendary: The Box to look forward to. You'll start off as Charles Decker, an art thief who unwittingly winds up opening Pandora 's Box in the New York Met. Once he does, all hell breaks loose and mythical monsters start spawning throughout New York City and wreaking havoc.

"What we really wanted to show in the opening episode is the feeling you get from big disaster movies or action movies like War of the Worlds or Independence Day. It all starts off in the same way. It starts off with curiosity, and then surprise, and shock, and then you run like hell," said Lead Producer, John Garcia-Shelton.

They've certainly got the shock and run like hell parts down. Upon exiting the museum, you'll see giant griffons swooping down to pick up cars and pedestrians with their claws. As you try to survive the chaos, fire, explosions, and destruction fills every frame.