Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild mod adds new quests, areas, combat, and bosses

Breath of the Wild
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A giant mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is in the works from a group of fans, and it's going to add new areas, quests, shrines, items, and more to the emulated version of the game.

Just below, you can check out a trailer for Labors of the Hero, one half of the Second Wind mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This first half of the two planned fan-made DLC packs that add in 15 side quests, 8 areas, 28 animals, 13 bosses, 20 NPCs, and a whopping 35 armor pieces, as well as new swords, spears, and other weapons for Link to find and obtain.

Elsewhere in Labors of the Hero, there's a martial arts fighting style with hand-to-hand combat, 38 brand new meals for Link to cook from scratch, and a Blacksmith system that lets the player craft weapons and armor. There's even a reworking of Breath of the Wild's showdown at Hyrule Castle between Link and Ganon, where bosses have been reworked and readjusted to feel quicker and more responsive.

Right now, there's a second DLC covered under the Second Wind mod, called The Ancient Island. Unlike Labors of the Hero however, we don't currently know anything about this mod, as its development team hasn't publicly released any information about its contents. If you're curious about Second Wind's development, you can go ahead and join the official Discord server, which is currently populated with well over 6,000 members.

Elsewhere in the Breath of the Wild modding community, other developers have been busy. Earlier this year, we saw a Skyloft mod transport Skyward Sword's sky-based town into the game, and another recent mod also let players transplant their custom Miis into Hyrule, for the player to then interact with. Breath of the Wild might've released over four years ago, but its modding community clearly isn't slowing down.

For a list of some of the other more impressive mods we've found, head over to our guide on the Breath of the Wild PC mods for more.

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