Left 4 Dead crosses over with Zombie Army 4

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Left 4 Dead's original crew is back and they're killing zombies, just maybe not where you might expect them. 

Rebellion today announced that all four of the original Left 4 Dead crew - Francis, Zoey, Louis, and Bill - are joining Zombie Army 4: Dead War in a free update. 

As part of Season 3 for the game, which is already live, the characters are back and ready to bring their zombie-killing expertise to a new world. The characters are free to all, meaning you can relive the glory days of Valve's classic. 

The characters come alongside new playable content too. The showpiece is the new campaign mission Abanddon Asylum. This comes free to Season Pass holders or can be bought separately as well. 

This new mission is the second to come to the 'Return to Hell' campaign the game is running. This follows on from the events of the Terminal Error mission which had you searching for Baron Umbra who, unsurprisingly, is pretty evil. It's promised you will be able to take him out for good in this mission, but when it comes to the occult and zombies, can you ever be entirely sure? 

There are also new cosmetics to go with your zombie hunting. Those come in the form of:

▪ World War 1 Joshua Outfit

▪ World War 2 Headgear Pack

▪ MP.1940 SMG Bundle

▪ Zombie Tank Weapon Skins

For those out there still contending with the undead, this seems like a nifty little drop. The Left 4 Dead franchise is a huge cornerstone of zombies in video games and to see Valve's characters branching out to Rebellion's own zombie game is a fun crossover. The fact they're free for everyone is a nice added bonus too. If you are a Zombie Army 4 owner, it seems like an easy no-brainer (if you'll excuse the zombie joke). 

This is actually the second time the Left 4 Dead characters have joined the Zombie Army franchise, with these four, plus the Left 4 Dead 2 crew joining Zombie Army Trilogy. However, these characters have also been all over, with appearances in Dead by Daylight, Resident Evil 6, Payday, and Super Time Force to name a few. 

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