Leaked Xbox controller "changes color with light and motion"

Xbox Series X controller
(Image credit: Microsoft)

A new Xbox Series X controller has seemingly been leaked via Amazon.

Earlier today on September 30, the Twitter user below stumbled upon a brand new Xbox controller on Amazon, dubbed "Lunar Shift." This controller isn't actually listed on Amazon at the time of writing, so we're left to speculate as to how the user actually managed to uncover the new controller.

Otherwise, this looks like the real deal. In a follow-up tweet, the Twitter user also provides a screenshot of the back of the new Xbox controller's packaging, which proves to be identical to the packaging you'd normally get with a standard Xbox controller.

The "Lunar Shift" color of the controller means that it apparently "changes color with light and motion," according to the back of the packaging. Adorned with a swirled textured grip on the side, this would be one of the fancier Xbox controllers out there, if it didn't look so darn shimmery. Although, if we're being honest, it's nothing compared to the deep pink Xbox controller which reminds us of Kirby. 

Xbox has had a tough time of late keeping their unannounced controllers a secret. Earlier this year, a YouTube video showed someone very casually unboxing a white Xbox Elite Series 2 controller, months before it was eventually announced by Xbox later in the year. There have also been reports of supply disruptions for Xbox controllers since June, so it really hasn't been a great time for Xbox accessories of late.

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Hirun Cryer

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