League of Legends' Dominion mode released

Apparently Riot’s beta testing went better than expected – the developer announced today that the Dominion game mode and Crystal Scar map are now completely, totally available, with no more restrictions or limited-time windows to worry about. This new game mode is easily the largest update to League of Legends since launch, and its official release is great for everyone. Well, except Riot's server administrators. They're going to have a long week.

“League of Legends: Dominion is the latest example of our ongoing commitment to bringing you the best of the MOBA genre in new and innovative ways,” Riot Games said in a press release. “You’ve been requesting new battlefields upon which to test your skills, and today you’ll do battle not only on a brand new Field of Justice, but in an entirely new and groundbreaking game mode!”

The community has reacted well to the new map so far, with the only complaints being the expected balance issues that come with a new game mode. Then again, people complain about certain champions being overpowered and others being underpowered with every patch, so these concerns are almost certainly blown way out of proportion. So... expect cataclysmic nerfs in the near future.

If you're still not up to speed on Dominion check out the video below for a full overview of the gameplay, and get ready to start capturing those points!

Sep 26, 2011

Hollander Cooper

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