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Lauren Shuler Donner talks X4 and more

Talking at a Fox event for the release of Wolverine on Blu-Ray attended by, Lauren Shuler Donner talked up future possibilities for the rest of the heroic mutants.

According to Donner, she's looking to push ahead with an X4, which shouldn't really be a surprise, though we do wonder whether it'll feature all of the regulars - Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry and the rest - considering their combined price now they've shot their contracted films will be high.

She admitted that she had some ideas, but had yet to broach them with Fox.

But talking of cheaper options, there's still The New Mutants, which span off from the original X-comics and featured younger heroes, plus X-Men: First Class, which Shuler Donner said was still developing.

Shooting down tweeted (and since retracted) rumours from Wolverine's young Cyclops, Tim Pocock, she confirmed that there's no casting in place for the film and no start date set yet - it might shoot next year, but nothing is in place yet…

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