The Last Guardian is still being developed. That is all. Please carry on with your lives until further notice

Remember that really cool-looking PS3 game from Sony with the kid in the sandals and the toga and he hangs out with a big feathery cat-turkey-rat beast that eats barrels and has big sad eyes and is very probably going to die and we'll all be broken-hearted and have to resort to comfort eating ice-cream until the sadness goes away? That's right. The Last Guardian. What good memories you all have. As a little reminder, here's a picture of The Last Guardian:

Above: This is what The Last Guardian looks like

It seems like such a long time ago that we first saw The Last Guardian. That's because it *was* such a long time ago. It was 2009. And the game was meant to be out in 2010. Of course, with the benefit of hindsight and historical evidence and the inescapable fact that The Last bloody Guardian is still nowhere to be seen, we know that the 2010 release date didn't quite work out as planned.

But what's this? Courtesy of Game Informer, here's an update direct from Sony on The Last Guardian's current status:

"The Last Guardian continues to be developed, however we have no news to share at this time with regard to the franchise and E3."

And that's all Sony have to say about it at this present moment in time. Which, admittedly, isn't very much and is kind of along the same lines as the thing that Sony said about development of The Last Guardian coming along slowly just a few months ago. But let's not be ungrateful. At least we know The Last Guardian hasn't been surreptitiously taken out back and done in like a broken down horse. Because that would make us incredibly down-spirited. Also, Sony has been non-committal with regards to The Last Guardian being at next month's E3. We seriously doubt it will put in an appearance, but non-committal isn't a 'NO'.

So... yeah. Just carry on really. As you were. Nothing to see here. Everything is as it was prior to this update. The tides come and go. The sun and moon do their cosmic dance. The earth rotates on its axis. And we continue to live in hope that one glorious, beautiful day we will actually hold a finished copy of The Last Guardian in our trembling hands.

Matt Cundy
I don't have the energy to really hate anything properly. Most things I think are OK or inoffensively average. I do love quite a lot of stuff as well, though.