On ground level, hundreds of soldiers were going at it - all in perfect, repeating formation if we're to nitpick, but it's still an impressive sight. We were able to swoop in and strafe the enemy side with fireballs, or even land on the bridge and send them flying like skittles with some nasty claw-swipes, before launching back into the skies when we were surrounded by pointy sticks.

The level's goal was to turn the tide of battle by thrashing enough enemy troops for our side to make a breakthrough - a meter at the top of the screen shows the morale for each side, letting you know how your performance is affecting the action.

Above: There's a real sense of power as you send knights flying with a flick of the wrist

Despite its two years of development time it's clearly still a way from being finished - we've even seen '35% complete' bandied around, but those kind of numbers don't translate straight to 'It'll take another X months'. Even so, it's a fantastic-looking game, and to think it'll end up even snazzier (maybe turn those sun glare effects down just a notch, though, lads?) is good news indeed - Lair will be one to watch.