Kylo Ren actor says keeping a Star Wars secret was hard, but totally worth it

Listen everyone, I don't mean to alarm you, but I think Adam Driver might think he's actually Kylo Ren. Listen to the way he says he "liked the power" of keeping Star Wars: The Force Awakens' plot a secret in this interview with The Hollywood Reporter and tell me you don't hear just a little bit of Dark Side in his voice:

At least Driver catches himself and admits, "That sounds like a terrible thing to say." Maybe he realized he was letting his inner bad guy out too much and that's why he focuses on the fun that keeping a secret resulted in for his wife. A secret he kept for two years. "She didn't know anything that happens in the movie, and for her to see it for the first time with everyone was fun," Driver said. "I just liked that no one knows anything going into the theater."

I wonder if she trusts him enough not to spoil anything for Star Wars: Episode 8

Images: Disney

Sam Prell

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