Kung Fu gets a director

Ancient Chinese prophecy says, “If director not in place, then movie doomed to fail.” Of course, even when a megaphone-waver is hired, movies can still fall apart or turn out badly, but it’s a big step.

Warner Brothers has taken that step by hiring Max Makowski – who directed 2002’s little-seen Taboo and has sold a Shinobi script – to handle the helming chores on its big screen adaptation of the series that helped launch David Carradine’s career.

It’s a somewhat surprising move, especially as the company had only recently brought on directing brothers Allen and Albert Hughes to make the movie. Looks like their post-From Hell dry spell will continue a little longer.

Makowski meanwhile has a fresh script draft from Cory Goodman to work from and is now looking for a lead to play Caine. He needs to start shooting in March next year, so the studio is accelerating its casting search. Apparently, the studio is looking for “Male, 20-35. A handsome mix of East (Chinese/Asian) meets West (American). A man with the emotional capacity of a young Clint Eastwood. Charismatic and charming, Caine was raised by Shaolin monks after his mother's murder and became a highly skilled fighter. In addition to being a strong actor with the right look, the actor for this role should be athletic and although not required, some martial arts training, gymnastics or ballet are a plus." So a ballet dancing Clint type? Can’t wait…