Kung-fu brawler Sifu shows new museum level in brief teaser

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Upcoming kung-fu brawler Sifu debuted a new Museum-looking level in a brief new teaser.

Indie studio Sloclap shared the new Sifu clip on Twitter with the caption, "One at a time, gentlemen." Though clearly, the protagonist in the video seems to have zero problems dispatching two full-grown fighters in about five seconds.

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In this slick new clip, Sifu's female protagonist (you can choose the player character's gender) uses some crazy efficient moves to get herself out of a tight situation in what appears to be a heavily guarded museum. After one goon makes the worst mistake of his life by kicking Sifu in the back, Sifu turns around and sweep-kicks his legs out from under him, tosses the other dude around like a ragdoll, and then delivers the most brutal flurry of throat and face punches I've ever seen to the first goon while he's still on his back.

If you want to see more of Sifu, there are a few different trailers you should check out. One is from GamesRadar's Future Games Show, where we learned more about why the protagonist in Sifu is beating up so many people. Essentially, your family was murdered and you're on a quest for revenge against the five responsible assassins. The assassins are the main boss fights, each one distinct from the others and inspired by five elements of kung-fu: wood, fire, water, metal, and earth. Of course, in between boss fights are dozens upon dozens of fights with nameless grunts.

Another more recent trailer debuted at E3 2021 and showed off a bunch of gameplay including what appears to be a boss battle, so definitely check that out if you're looking to see more combat. 

We sat down with Sloclap in March and learned a bunch of interesting gameplay details about Sifu, like the pendant you use to revive yourself every time you die. Though the pendant gives you another chance at living, it ages you every time you use it, and as in real life, you have a finite number of years in Sifu, so you'll need to fight wisely as well as ferociously.

Sifu is due to launch on PS4, PS5, and PC (via the Epic Games Store) sometime in 2021.

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