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Krieg's inner voice speaks in this Borderlands 2 trailer

What's going on in the mind of Krieg, the juiced up Psycho who joined Borderlands 2's cast of vault hunters earlier this month? A lot, as this trailer reveals, but it isn't quite enough to squeak by his endless bloodlust and non sequitur declarations.

Is Krieg's inner voice a tragic metaphor for the player's desire to interact with the world of Pandora in meaningful ways, constrained by actions limited to "shoot" and "use?" Sure, why not, either way the character still costs $10.

Also, Borderlands 2 players will get one last hurrah of shooting and using when the D&D-themed Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep launches on June 25. It's the final piece of the $30 season pass, and will also be available for $10 on its own.

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