KOTOR MMO speculation ramps up (again)

Leaked portions of a script that are purportedly from a "Star Wars online" game are further fanning the KOTOR MMO speculation flames.

1up.com only cites a "tipster" who's posted excerpts of the script's description of the game:

This is a role-playing game set in the historical past of the Star Wars universe. Jedi and Sith battle across the galaxy with the power of the Force and are joined by soldiers, politicians and nobles. Players must choose the destinies of heroes and villains in a thrilling and dangerous universe.

Reference to "historical past" is why it's being connected to the KOTOR universe, and according to the website the character dialogue contained in the script "does read very much like a script to a KOTOR game."

We know BioWare's developing an MMO and that it's collaborating with LucasArts on a secret project, but thestudio's website (opens in new tab)lists them as separate entities.

Speculation that the two are linked refuses to lay down and die. Is this leaked script evidence of the existence of KOTOR the MMO? Who knows...

Last month, of course, KOTOR fans got all in a lather about apparent confirmation on a third game in the RPG series, only forEA to wade in (opens in new tab)and set the record straight.

Courtesy of CVG (opens in new tab).

Mar 7, 2008