Kojima talks himself out of the running for 'most modest man ever' award

Poor Hideo Kojima. He does his best to encourage other people to achieve great things, but they always disappoint him and he ends up having to step in and do it himself. At least that's what he said at a recent talk at the University of Southern California. We appreciate the saying 'if you want something done properly, do it yourself' holds some sway, but you're not supposed to actually admit it!

"I have tried in the past," he said. "I've tried to hand Metal Gear off to other people within the studio and I've tried to raise people up so they have the ability to take over. And I think since Metal Gear Solid 3, I've tried this and actually did hand it off and have other people come up with the story and come up with the game design.

"But for some reason it just never really works out. And, you know, I end up having to step in again to take charge and kind of fix things here and there and just get sucked back in unfortunately."

Above: How we imagine the scene looks at Kojima Productions when the intervention happens

Way to knock the guy you 'raised up' right back down again. However, there is one man who he's happy to share the creative process with - Yoji Shinkawa, who works on character, environment and mechanical designs in the MGS series. Kojima added: "I am basically a very individual type of person - I approach games like an indie movie. Previously you saw the Snatcher design docs up on the screen - I actually wrote all those and did all the scripting and everything myself as well. Inside I still have that feeling, I want to do everything myself. But at the same time it's not really possible to do that these days.

"But when I work with Shinkawa-san, it's a little bit different. I don't feel limitations. In fact, there's a sort of synergy that happens there. And I find that by exposing myself to his ideas and his sensibilities, we're able to come up with some really cool and unique things. Really, Shinkawa-san is the only person I've had that feeling, had that experience with, and I just love working with him."

Finally, Kojima also said he wants the Metal Gear Solid series to continue after his eventual death. No doubt his spirit will haunt the director of that game too. Presumably demanding longer cut-scenes.

10 Oct, 2011

Source: Gametrailers

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