Kojima Productions composer recording for unannounced project

(Image credit: Kojima Productions)

Kojima Productions Audio Director Ludvig Forssell has revealed that recording is underway on an "undisclosed project."

In a tweet sent out Wednesday morning, Forssell shared an image of an orchestral recording session that seemed to be following COVID-19 health and safety regulations. "First 'COVID recording' this year (for undisclosed project)," Forssell captions the image of masked-up musicians.

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There's no telling what the folks at Kojima Productions could be working on, but whatever it is, Kojima himself could be keeping a watchful eye. As a number of eagle-eyed Twitter users pointed out, the famed developer seems to be holding a camera and looking at whoever snapped the picture. It's hard to definitively confirm it's Kojima, but it sure does look the part - he's even doing the classic Kojima thumbs-up pose.

Fans reacting to the tweet seem to think it's something related to Death Stranding, potentially a sequel or DLC, and that's certainly possible. Death Stranding is the first and only game developed by the now-independent Kojima Productions, and an earlier Kojima tweet suggests a new title in the Death Stranding universe is in the works. That said, the studio could be working on something entirely new.

There's been a lot of talk, including from Kojima himself, about a new horror game. Or maybe, just maybe, the rumors of a Silent Hills revival are true and Kojima Productions is heading up development. But let's not get ahead of ourselves, as Konami has denied that anything Silent Hill-related is happening at the moment.

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