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You might think King's Quest is a silly little adventure rife with groan-worthy puns, but don't be deceived: it’s charming and has more hidden trophies than Graham can fit in his cape of holding, all tucked away in the most unpredictable of places. Because most are wrapped up in some strange or suicidal course of action, you can’t just follow the beaten path - not if you want to emerge victorious. And because the game auto-saves whenever you do something significant, missing even one unlikely task means starting over for the hapless trophy hunter.

If you plan on wrapping up your trophy collection in one go, you'll find a full guide here to uncovering every hidden trophy/achievement in King's Quest, in optimal chronological order to boot. It’ll be updated as new episodes come out, so do come again if you heir on the side of smart.

Napping on the Job - 55G/Bronze

During the prologue, after Graham picks between the two door switches, you'll find a hall of beds hanging from the ceiling. There is also a bed on the floor, and Graham will climb under the covers if you select it. Do this four more times until older Graham admits to taking a nap and the trophy will be yours.

In The Mouth of Danger - 55G/Bronze

After sneaking through the hallway full of bones and hiding from the dragon twice, you're going to undo all your hard work and walk right into the beast's toothy maw. Instead of climbing the ladder to the left, walk right up to the dragon until a cutscene starts. It will end with Graham being eaten and the achievement will pop up alongside the continue screen.

Unicorn Snack Food - 55G/Bronze

The Merchant of Miracles' "unicorns" may not look menacing while vacantly munching on grass, but they'll end you if you get on their nerves - which you will, if you want this trophy. Simply walk up to the majestic beasts and use the hatchet on them four times, at which point Mr. Fancycakes will eat Graham and unlock an achievement.

A Secret Entrance - 55G/Bronze

Once you're done being eaten, walk around the front of the Merchant's cart and past the unicorns, and you'll find a hidden path through the forest. Follow the trail along a river and deep into a cave, where you'll get the trophy once old Graham realizes that something is amiss.

A Prickly Situation - 55G/Bronze

This trophy's extremely easy, but you can completely miss it if you don't think about it ... illogically. When you approach the Spiniferous Thornweeds blocking the path to the well, don't do anything to get rid of them, and simply walk into the bramble. You'll get the achievement once Graham impales himself on the thorns.

Graham the Basilisk - 55G/Bronze

Here is where old Graham starts to get a little full of himself. After the Merchant of Miracles drops you off at the theater and before you talk to anyone else, follow the path to your right until you reach the river. Find the last bundle of reeds to the right of the stepping stones and walk through it, which will send you trotting across the surface of the river to the other side. Once you reach the opposite bank, old Graham will remember that definitely didn't happen, and the achievement will pop.

Horn Blower - 55G/Bronze

You'll blow on a lot of horns over the course of chapter one, but you'll have to be a little stubborn about it to earn this trophy. After the Chivalry Test, you'll be given free rein to roam, and should seek out the largely empty pumpkin patch in front of the village. Instead of approaching town, walk down the path toward the camera, and the scene will shift to a view of the mountains and forest with a huge red horn in the foreground. Each time you blow on this horn you'll hear a new quip from old Graham; keep blowing on it, and old Graham will eventually say he deserves a trophy for his efforts. And hey, what a coincidence ...

Froggy Throat - 55G/Bronze

From the location or the horn used in the previous achievement, follow the path the rest of the way up the hill, which will bring you to a small creek surrounded by frogs. Graham is too slow to catch one, but keep trying until old Graham says he's getting a frog in his throat to earn the achievement. Puns.

Misteak - 55G/Bronze

Remember the forest you traveled through while looking for a cart wheel, and the shaking shrubs along the path? Now's the time to put those to use. After you find the statue of King Edward, follow the path to the right of the shrine, and you'll pass a giant rock and a steak hanging from a tree. Trip the trap and untie the rope holding the bait in place to grab the steak. You'll need this slab of meat to move the story along, but for now, return to town and go through the back gate into the woods. Find an orange bush that's shifting around and use the steak on it. You'll get the trophy once a Wetzel wolf pops out and does exactly what you'd expect.

Purple Badger Don't Care - 55G/Bronze

This is easily the game's most abstract achievement, both in concept and process. After following the steps to get the steak for the Misteak achievement, return to the path leading to the theater, where you find a green bush shaking back and forth. Use the steak on the shrub, which goads out a badger that you kidnap and put in your inventory. [Warning: Make sure you've already gotten the Misteak achievement, because the steak will disappear from your inventory once you give it to the badger.] Take your furry hostage to the couple in the magic shop and use the badger on the cauldron, turning the critter purple. Then go back to the path where you found the steak, and follow it until you find a sign that says "Don't turn right." Disobey the sign, and you'll find a picnic with a beehive hanging overhead. Push the tree to the right to knock the hive down, set the horribly abused badger on the bees, and collect your trophy. Yes, you can still get the Helping Hat achievement despite knocking the beehive onto the table - you just have to push it off with the fruit picker after.

Dead End Dancer - 55G/Bronze

Toward the end of the episode, you'll be told to pursue fellow knight hopeful Achaka into the well from the prologue. Once you catch up with Achaka, he'll wave you off and disappear down a hole. Instead of following him, keep going down the path to the right, and you'll hear various comments from old Graham and Gwendolyn as you go. You'll eventually reach a dead end, but don't turn around - instead, wait for several seconds, and Graham will eventually do a silly dance. The game will then teleport you back to the rope and turn over the trophy.

Opening Knight - 55G/Bronze

As you travel through the caves beneath the well with Achaka, you'll come upon a door too small for your gallant friend to fit through. Graham will cross through to the other side, and once you get control again, turn around and open the door. Achaka will immediately shut it; open the door two more times, and the achievement is yours.

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