King of Fighters XIII: Atlus releases six new character profile videos

In its continued effort to get all prospective players for King of Fighters XIII on the same footing ahead of the game's launch, Atlus has released six new character profile videos for the SNK Playmore fighter. The new clips outline special moves for the game's Team Ikari Warriors and Team Psycho Soldier factions, offering gameplay footage of Clark, Leona, Ralf, Athena, Chin and Kensou.

The military discipline of Ikari Warriors fighters Clark Still, Leona Heidern and Ralf Jones can be seen above. Below are the contrastingly loose styles of Team Psycho Soldier's Athena Asamiya, Chin Gentsai and Sie Kensou.

Having had its October release slip to November with the release of the game's full trailer, King of Fighters XIII will be holding its own among series fans when the title does battle with that month's ridiculously well-populated slate of high-profile releases. It's all part of the gaming industry's war on Christmas, bank accounts and players' free time – and oh, what a lovely war it is.

Oct 19, 2011