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Kinect will be on Oprah and Ellen, set your Tivos

Here's something we don't really say that often: set your DVRs to record Oprah today. The #1 talk show host in the country will take a day off giving people makeovers or answering questions about sex. Instead, the queen of talk will help Microsoft peddle the upcoming Xbox 360 peripheral Kinect.

We don't really imagine Oprah's typical viewership as the standard gamer audience. But that's kind of the point, at least accordining to Microssoft. Its goal with Kinect is to reach out to a wider audience.

Above: Luckily, Tom Cruise will NOT be one of the guests trying out Kinect

In addition to appearing on the #1 talk show, Kinect's press tour will continue later this month on Ellen. So, apparently, Microsoft is really hoping to attract the stay-at-home mom crowd as well as the chronically unemployed.

You may recall that Microsoft has previously taken Kinect on the road to talk shows. At the time known as Project Natal, the live demos with celebrities who were not intimately familiar with the product, were something of a failure.

Above: Jimmy Fallon testing out Natal last year. It was fun to watch but showed just how confusing it was to play a game without a controller

Can Oprah jumping around to Kinect Sports really convince moms to buy the doodad for their family? We've seen O do more with less.

[ Source: The Tech Herald ]

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