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Killzone PS3 weapon interaction revealed?

Wednesday 11 July 2007
After yesterday's damb squib of a screenshot, today we have a real treat - some actually good Killzone PS3 images. Hit our gallery if you just want to see the shots, or stick around for a second and join us in some interaction-based speculation.

Have a look at the screen below. We've blown up and enhanced a portion of it, which shows some truly detailed weapon features - what looks like a set of buttons for zooming in and out, a night-vision switch and 'ON' and 'OFF' switches too.

In our heads, we're already imagining some wonderfully chunky animations showing our soldier thumbing on the night-vision, or bringing the rifle up close and tapping the zoom switch while peering through the scope.

Of course, we may be jumping the gun. These neat buttons could just be functionless detail emblazoned onto our weapons, but we're hoping that Killzone PS3 will embrace more than just next-gen detailing, and give us next-gen animation and interaction too.

Our first look at the game is in the inter-pipes and on its way to your eyes as we speak. Don't go anywhere, now, will you?