Killzone 3 multiplayer career abilities guide

Killzone 3 is finally here in all of its face-stabbing, eye-gouging glory – and yet, you aren’t having any fun. No matter which map you’re on or which career you select, the match always degenerates into you getting turned into a perforated mess of bullets, shrapnel and sadness. Understand that we here at GamesRadar sympathize with you and (regardless of the unforgiving treatment we’ve been projecting your way online) want you to have a good time. As such, we’ve created a class guide that details common dos and don’ts for each individual career found in Killzone multiplayer. Hell, you’ve been spending the last few days raising our kill scores and making us look good, so it’s the least we can do.

The Field Medic

Abilities: Revive, Triage and Medi-Droid

Above: Above all else, do no harm…NOT!

The Field Medic career set is geared more towards the nurturing gamer. Medics can use the Revive ability to get downed soldiers back on their feet, and the Triage ability enables the Medic to give off a benevolent healing aura like some sort of sci-fi Jesus Christ. Lastly, the Medi-Droid ability launches a flying sentry bot that provides cover fire for the Medic.


Play Possum

Once you fully upgrade your Triage ability, it becomes possible for you to self-revive when you’re bleeding out. If you’re smart with it, this is one of the more kickass abilities at your disposal.

Basically, assuming an enemy player guns you down but is too stupid to finish you off, simply wait for him to turn his back and then get up. What you do from there is entirely up to you, but we advise going in for a Brutal Melee kill. Just remember: if he didn’t want a pair of thumbs jammed into his eye sockets, he would’ve made sure you were dead.

Assassination, Shmassination

The Medic can be a literal lifesaver in the Assassination game type. If you are on the defending team in an Assassination round, immediately find the targeted player and stick to him. Maintain close proximity, but don’t do anything stupid or risky (your job isn’t to be a meatshield). If he gets shot down and starts bleeding out, you can revive him and still win the round!


The Badass Burning Phoenix

Above: A lone Field Medic is a sad, sad thing

Having the ability to self-revive is awesome, but your primary function is to support your teammates. Running off by yourself to kick ass and take names might sound like a good idea, seeing as you have an “extra life,” but we’re here to assure you that it isn’t. The majority of the Medic’s abilities aren’t designed for direct confrontations, so running around with no backup will typically just end with you getting your ass kicked twice. This can also be counterproductive to your team winning if you’re playing a kill-based game type, like Bodycount.

The Infiltrator

Abilities: Disguise and Survivalist

Above: Same team!

The Infiltrator class will become a quick favorite for all of you lone-wolf types. Like the Spy in Team Fortress 2, Infiltrators can disguise themselves as members of the opposing team before closing in for the kill. Also, their Survivalist ability enables them to sprint faster and longer than other classes. Yes, that’s right: this class was specifically designed for griefing other players.


Be a Hugger

Above: “You’ve got an eyelash. Here; let me get it for you”

With all classes in Killzone 3, you can spend Unlock Points to gain access to different primary weapons. This is a waste of time (and points) for the Infiltrator. You see, fledgling Infiltrators start out with an LS13 Shotgun and, to be completely honest, this is the best weapon for this type of class.

Being able to transform your appearance into that of an enemy soldier affords you all types of opportunities to get into close quarters with the other team without someone preemptively blowing your head off. Once you start rocking a maxed-out Disguise ability, enemies won’t be able to tell who you are until you’re right in their face. By that time, it won’t really matter what they try to do, because you have a f#$&ing shotgun.

The Saboteur

The Infiltrator is the go-to class for Search and Destroy when it comes to planting the bomb. With your Survivalist ability maxed, not only can you sprint indefinitely, you can plant and defuse bombs faster than any other class. The instant Search and Destroy is announced as the game type, haul ass to the bombing location before anyone else can get there, plant the bombs and don your disguise. Throw down some proximity mines, if you’ve got them. The goal is to quickly dig yourself in and end the round quickly before the other team even gets a chance to think.


Be the Black Sheep

Above: This dude didn’t fool anybody

Seeing a lone Helghast soldier happily goose-stepping along with an entire squad of ISA soldiers (who are all oblivious to his presence) can look a tad suspicious. Unless everyone on the opposite team has recently undergone amateur lobotomies, your getup is going to raise quite a few eyebrows (and crosshairs).

Just as well (and this should be entirely obvious), even if you aren’t running around with your buddies per se, moving in on the other team from the same direction that all of your buddies are coming from is a bad bad bad bad idea. Even if your Disguise ability is completely maxed, enemy players will still shoot at you out of sheer paranoia.

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