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Killzone 2: What the reviews will say

What the reviews won’t like

• The objectives – Blow up communication towers, plant explosive charges, defend Johnny Useless team-mate, Guerrilla have more brutally killed the box rather than thought outside it for most of the game’s objectives.

• The level design – While levels are fairly linear in the way they’re laid out, usually offering clear, channelled progression, we still got lost quite a bit. Pressing up on the d-pad points you in the right direction, but, if level design were clearer, you’d naturally know where to go.

• Your AI team-mates – Aside from enjoying running in front of your gun, getting shot and needing to be constantly revived, your team-mates constantly grate by dropping relentlessly tiresome F bombs.

A lack of memorable set pieces – The first five levels feel like a bit of a slog at times, with many trench fights or pitched battles in city squares. The pacing just can’t match something like Half-Life 2 and, as a result, the action gets tedious at times.

• It’s very ‘gamey’ – Many battles with the Helghast end with you having to trigger some sort of event - like having to walk to a certain point to activate a new stream of enemies or a new setpiece. It’s all a bit entrenched in contrived game logic. That, and the story is a load of clichéd sci-fi pap.

From what we’ve played so far Killzone 2 is a solid and visually striking FPS. The action in the levels we played wasn’t earth-shattering or even consistently exciting. But, with satisfying weapons, rewarding shooting mechanics and a rich atmosphere, we can still see this making a bang with PS3 owners.

Jan 6, 2009