Killzone 2 screens doctored... slightly

Dec 10, 2007

A Guerilla Games spokesperson has admitted that recently release Killzone 2 screenshots were altered slightly to add "minor polish.”

Killzone 2 does look amazing -this incredible in-game trailer proves that. It looks so good, in fact, that it's the last game we'd have expected to need extra "polish" added to in-game screens. But when the new screens were questioned for being maybe a little too smooth, Guerilla put its hands up.

"They are only the tiniest bit touched up," admitted Guerilla Games' QA manager, Seb Downie. "Short answer is yes. Long answer is that there was a little bit of colour-correction done and some minor polish, but nothing major," he goes on to tell users of theofficial PlayStation forum. Downie goes on to play down the changes made, however, insisting that the screens are "still very close to reality," as in the real game. "And it looks better in motion in my opinion," he says.

We'd still much rather see the true visuals, though, not how nice the game looks after a touch up in Photoshop.

Courtesy of CVG.