Killer Instinct developer reveals new character and gameplay modes at PAX East

Killer Instinct developer Iron Galaxy Studios has lifted the veil on the latest addition to the Xbox One brawler, the ghostly Hisako, as well as offering up more details on the new Drivatar-esque Shadows mode.

The Ring-aping phantom Hisako is a brand new addition to the Killer Instinct franchise - she’s considerably slower than many of the other fighters on the roster, but her attacks pack a punch (including her ability to, “consume,” her opponent mid-fight. Creepy. The 19-year-old ghoul will also come with her own stage, Village of Spirits. Check out her moves in the gameplay video below:

More intriguing was the reveal of an equally ghostly new feature, which uses your own fight data to construct an AI opponent of an equal skill level. Iron Galaxy Studios creative director Kraig Kujawa was on hand at the game’s PAX East panel to shine a light on the new mode the team has dubbed ‘Shadows’.

"If you can't find the person you want to play at the skill level that you want, that makes the multiplayer experience a little tougher to engage with," commented Kujawa. To combat this, the studio built a system that will not only create an opponent that moves and strikes with the same strategy as you, but one that even mirrors your behaviours and idiosyncrasies to give it a noticeably natural edge. Double creepy. "It's a living representation of you on your best day," added Kujawa.

According to the panel, Hisako will be added to the game later this month, while Shadows will make its debut next month. A new story mode for season two will reportedly arrive in June.

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