Killer 7: Stylish new shots

After its apparent slippage, things have been quiet on the Killer 7 front but Capcom have revived our interest with a batch of new psycho-killer screens. As befits the game to date, they're gorgeously stylish while giving very little actual gameplay info away.

The screens focus on Kaede Smith, the 20-year-old female who is one of the seven assassin personalities that live within main character Harman Smith. The game uses a first-person shooting perspective, while in general you'll be running around in third-person, as depicted.

However, how the game feels in action and holds together as a whole is still somewhat of a mystery as Killer 7 wasn't playable at this year's E3 and has remained conspicuously elusive ever since.

Rumours are circulating that the game is being deliberately held back to deal with 'unresolved quality issues'. Unfortunately, Capcom were unavailable for comment this afternoon. What can be said is that it has certainly gone through a rather quiet period, considering the mounting enthusiasm that had built up for this stylish and conceptually interesting title.

Hopefully, the game will be available to play in the near future and as soon as we get our eager hands on it we'll give you the heads-up on one of Capcom's most intriguing titles.

The latest schedules suggest that the game will hit Japan/US on Gamecube and PS2 in spring 2005. Capcom still have the UK down to receive the game during the same period but don't hold your breath