Kevin Bacon capitalises on Six Degrees game

We’ve all played Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon, the game which connects any actor with Kevin Bacon in six steps or less, and some of us are better at it than others.

Kevin himself, for example, is rubbish. “It's confusing,” he says. “I can't remember all the movies I've been in, so I surely can't recall someone else's films.”

But that didn’t stop him from launching a new website based on the game, today at the Sundance Film Festival (run by Robert Redford who starred in Spy Game with Brad Pitt; Bacon appeared with Brad in Sleepers). allows users to see what charities celebrities are connected to. “People pick up celebrity magazines to see how people dress, which handbags are hot, which cars to buy,” Bacon says. “Why not look at what [celebrities] care about?”

Bacon had an unusual inspiration for his enterprise; Paul Newman and his fund-raising food products (Newman was in The Color of Money with Tom Cruise; Cruise was in A Few Good Men with Bacon). “What do I have that's not salad dressing?” Bacon said. “The thing that I am most connected to is this game.”

We here at TF (Total Film covers films; Bacon’s in films) wish Kevin luck, and you can visit his new site by clicking here .