Kerbal Space Program prepares for launch on PlayStation 4

PC rocket science sim Kerbal Space Program will make its console debut on the PlayStation 4, indie developer Squad announced last night.

Squad has partnered with porting studio Flying Tiger Entertainment to produce the adaptation, and cites "the flexibility and ease of use of the Unity engine" as a key factor in bringing Kerbalto consoles.

"We could simply not compromise on players’ experience," Squad notes in a blog post announcing the port. "Thankfully, the PS4 controller has systems that make building and flying rockets just as easy and intuitive as the PC version."

Originally launched in 2011 and available via Steam's Early Access service, Kerbal Space Program puts players in charge of establishing a research center, building space-worthy vehicles, and exploring the outer reaches of the galaxy. After nearly five years of active development, an official 1.0 release premiered earlier this year, clearing the way for a console port.

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