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Keiji Inafune resigns from Capcom

Mega Man character designer and Capcom magnate Keiji Inafune announced today that he is resigning from the company.

Inafune, who worked at Capcom for twenty-three years,wrote in a blog post that he had “reached the peak of development of Capcom," and that "there are no more steps to climb there.”

He wenton to say that while staying at his position may have beenthe graceful thing to do, it wouldhave meantthe end of his life as a game creator.“I won't go so far as to say that I will make games until I die, just that right now, I want to continue to make games.”

The designer also reassured us that he still lovesCapcom,comparing his feelings for the company to feelings for an old ex-girlfriend (huh).

Inafune most recently made headlines bycriticizing the directionofthe Japanese games industry. His departure is highlyunexpected, given that he was the face of Capcom at TGS this year.

[Source:Inafune's Blog]

Oct 29, 2010