Katherine Heigl tries on 27 Dresses

It seems somehow fitting that Katherine Heigl is making a movie about a woman who always ends up a bridesmaid and never a bride. Her film career hasn’t exactly been the most successful in the world. The Ringer? Prince Valiant?

With luck that will all change with Judd Apatow’s latest comedy Knocked Up, and she’s planning to move from raunchy sex comedy to romantic comedy with 27 Dresses.

Written by The Devil Wears Prada scribe Aline Brosh McKenna, it follows a singleton who has been a bridesmaid 27 times (the clue’s in the title, folks) and ends up having to fill the role again for her sister. Except she’s desperately in love with the groom… Whoops.

Director Anne Fletcher will be hoping that hilarity ensues when she starts shooting in New York this May, once Heigl in on her summer break from Grey’s Anatomy.