Kate Beckinsale cranks up the rage in revenge actioner Jolt

Add Crank, Atomic Blonde, and just a hint of John Wick, and what do you get? The first trailer for Kate Beckinsale revenge pic Jolt. The Amazon Studios original movie dropped its first footage, signaling the Underworld actor's return to  genre movies.

Beckinsale stars as Lindy, a woman with an impulse-control condition which "makes her snap." By the looks of this trailer, she ain't talking about her fingers, either. The opening scene shows her fly off the handle into a rage, stealing a stranger's sandwich and smacking him round the chops with it. 

Her uncontrollable anger leads her therapist, played by Stanley Tucci, to hand her a unique device with the intention of curbing these episodes she's experienced since childhood.

Every time she feels herself about to snap, she zaps herself. Naturally, it has an unintended effect and soon enough, Lindy's in a spot of bother when her partner is murdered. She's juiced up and ready to explode, and, "understandably upset and pissed off," Beckinsale comments in a recent EW interview.

"Lindy is a very flawed character," Beckinsale adds, "but also you root for her, because there is a wish-fulfillment side to the fact that she's got no inhibitions about her anger. There's a small scene where some guy is like, 'Cheer up, love,' and she just pushes his face into a wall. We've all had that urge! Lindy's just a great character. I love the mix of comedy and action and female rage. It seemed very timely."

No stranger to the action genre, it's a blast watching Beckinsale in the remainder of the trailer. Previously, she's made a meal out of her enemies across 13 years in the Underworld franchise, taking a time out to kick slightly different monster butt in 2004's Van Helsing. Her return to the genre is an exciting prospect; might Jolt kickstart a new franchise for her? 

Also appearing alongside Beckinsale for Jolt, and spotted in the trailer, are Bobby Cannavale, Laverne Cox, Ori Feffer, Susan Sarandon, and Jai Courtney. Jolt is set to drop on Amazon July 23, so plenty of time for you to catch up with our picks of the best movies on Amazon Prime.

Gem Seddon

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