Kansas library adds "Wii Wednesdays" to the schedule

The Pittsburgh Public Library in Kansas (not Pennsylvania) purchased a snazzy new Wii, and declared Wednesdays to be "Wii Wednesdays," making it something between a library and a living room. Or old-folks home. But cool, in a way.

The program kicked off a one-and-a-half-month trial phase today. Anyone who shows up to the library during one of theevents, which runfrom 2 to3:30 p.m., is able to participate at no charge.

As part of the festivities, library employees help participants get active through the mini-games in Wii Sports Resort. And... well, that's actually the whole of the festivities, as the library didn't purchase any additional Wii games.

This is just the latest in a storied history of Nintendo's platform expanding beyond the stereotypical gamer circle and reaching out to those who may have never played a videogame before. You can't knock that.

The Wii was purchased with grant money, so don't think the librarians were putting all your 20 cent late fees in a jar for this occasion. The program runs through the end of February, with the exception of a scheduled day off on January 26 (just in case you happen to live in Kansas, and feel like playing some Wii Sports in the company of books).

[Source: The Morning Sun]

Jan 12, 2011

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