Kalimba's getting DLC, new modes and a PC release

Kalimba was amazing, and there's a statistically high chance you never played it. I'd mathematically shame you further, but the game's developer, Press Play has offered you a reprieve - along with new modes and two packs of DLC, the Xbox One-exclusive platformer is ground-pounding its shackles and receiving a PC release. From 22nd April, the game will be available on Steam for $9.99 (no European prices are available at time of writing).

The PC release will come bundled with two new modes, arriving as a free update for Xbox One owners. Press Play describes them thusly: "Llama Mode is a new, local multiplayer speed run mode in which up to six players can take turns competing for the highest score. Puma Mode allows players to race asynchronously against the ghosts of their friends or Hoebear (AI) for leaderboard dominance on any of 30 specially designed levels."

Finally, there are the 'Dark Void' and 'Co-optimistic' DLC packs. Also arriving on 22nd April, the former offers 10 new single player levels, complete with a new game mechanic, and the latter adds 10 levels to the separate co-op campaign. Both packs will be free for new and existing owners until 6th May, after which they'll be priced at $3.99 alone, or $5.99 as a bundle on all platforms.

Press Play's hit upon a generous way of grabbing some new players for its neon action-puzzle masterpiece - and it wouldn't surprise me if this is the first trickle of a coming flood of Xbox exclusives heading to PC, what with Windows 10 integration on its way. If it gets people playing overlooked games, and I can stop drawing these pie charts to make them blush about it, I'm down with that.

Joe Skrebels
Joe first fell in love with games when a copy of The Lion King on SNES became his stepfather in 1994. When the cartridge left his mother in 2001, he turned to his priest - a limited edition crystal Xbox - for guidance. And now he's here.