Justice League Heroes

Obviously there will have to be some fine-tuning of each hero's powers - Superman could literally wipe the floor with 90 percent of DC's villainous reservoir, while The Flash's impossible speed makes him an equally robust fighter. Just don't expect to hop in and get impeccably accurate representations of the characters (the same can be said for the X-Men titles).

You'll only be able to go two players at a time, but the up-close camera and flashy super-moves should make those two characters' abilities really compliment each other - there'll be lots of teaming up to beat down Brainiac and his endless, robotic hordes.

Justice League Heroes is being developed by Snowblind Studios, the company responsible for the axe-swinging, eyeball-kissing action RPG Champions of Norrath, so it's tough to imagine the team screwing up a genre they're intimately familiar with. The DC superheroes are in good hands, and we'll all get a chance to prove why Batman's the biggest badass when Heroes launches this fall.

Brett Elston

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