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Justice League Heroes

When it comes to comic books, there's no team with more heavy-hitters than the Justice League. If you've read the books, seen the long-running cartoon or even just heard about their adventures through convenience store chatter, you know what we mean. Superman. Batman. Wonder Woman. These full-blown, unstoppable icons are now getting the X-Men Legends,action RPG treatment.

In addition to the big three, you'll also get a chance to play as The Flash, Zatanna, Green Lantern and the shape-shifting Martian Manhunter, plus even more unlockable heroes. Just like in Legends, each character will grow in strength as you progress through the game, thanks to an upgradeable power-up system. Pumping power points into different areas of ground-based or air-to-air combat will make each hero handle a little differently, and hopefully keep the bash-tastic fighting interesting.