Justice League Dark serial ends this December, but DC already has plans for it for 2022

Justice League Dark excerpt
Justice League Dark excerpt (Image credit: DC)

The Justice League Dark serial that has been running as a regular back-up to DC's ongoing Justice League title is ending in December. Writer Ram V tells Newsarama that it was his decision to end the Justice League Dark serial.

Ram V

Ram V (Image credit: Ram V)

"I withdrew from the series because life happened and I had to cut back a little on workload," V tells Newsarama. "On one hand I am sad that I won't be writing these characters anymore, but I am hopefully leaving them in a place where they might be picked up by another writer in the future. It's comics...I will fondly keep hope."

Ram V began with this team in February 2022, co-writing Justice League Dark #20 with previous series writer James Tynion IV. Ram V eventually began writing the title solo until it ended with November 2022's Justice League Dark #28. V and artist Xermanico were announced to resume with Justice League Dark as part of what became the spring 2022 'Infinite Frontier' DC line revamp, but it was later re-aligned to be a back-up serial beginning in March 2022's Justice League #59. 

Following the end of Ram V's Justice League Dark serial in December's Justice League #71, the team will show up next in The Flash ongoing series beginning with January 18, 2022's The Flash #778 - teaming up with the speedster and Amethyst in a battle against Eclipso.

Justice League #71 cover (Image credit: DC)

The ending of the Justice League Dark serial, which the writer frames as his decision, comes at the same time his The Swamp Thing limited series as his current run on Catwoman is wrapping up. His last issue on that series, Catwoman #38, is also scheduled for December 21. DC recently announced Tini Howard would be taking over Catwoman in January 2022.

Ram V has one story in DC's January 2022 schedule - a short story in January 11, 2022's Batman: Urban Legends #11 - and more unannounced DC work planned afterward. 

"I've greatly enjoyed my time on the book and DC editorial have been nothing but enthusiastic, kind, and supportive during my time on it."

So what's coming in the future from Ram V? He's co-writing a new Venom series for Marvel, and is launching a new creator-owned series called Radio Apocalypse with Vault Comics.

Justice League Dark definitely makes our list of the best Justice League line-ups of all time. 

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