Just Cause trailer lands

Friday 28 July 2006
Not yet witnessed the madness that is Just Cause? Then make the most of this opportunity to click on the movie tab above and see the latest trailer of this incredible free-roaming action game, due for release on PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360 and PC on 30 September.

Just Cause puts you in the role of Rico Rodriguez, a CIA operative who is sent to the South American state of San Esperito to instigate a regime change. This isn't done by pamphleting or by peaceful protest, but by making an alliance with drugs cartels and rebel forces, then lighting the blue touchpaper of revolution!

Developer Avalanche has created 1,225 square miles of San Esperito to explore and, from the looks of this trailer, there're one or two options of how to do this - find yourself a hot rod and burn through the streets, or how about riding a superbike off a cliff edge then paragliding down to safety. The choice will be completely yours.