Just Cause 2 in screens

Details on the over-the-top-Hollywood-style action sequel have been scarce, but today, Eidos has seen fit to show off thevery first screens.

Our buddies over at CVG got an early look back in January, courtesy of PlayStation World UK, and they were nice enough to share these tidbits with us:

"Thankfully the sequel is going to be bigger, broader and crazier," says PSW. "There's no sign of Eidos tethering Rico to anything as boring as realism. If anything, the added zap of PS3 power behind the game has enabled developer Avalanche to push its ideas further still."

Just Cause 2 lead designer Peter Johansson adds, "We identified the key areas we wanted to improve for [the game]. We wanted to make better use of our huge game world, enhance the stunts, improve the combat and reward exploration more. We feel we have been successful at that and created a true sequel."

Keep your eyes peeled for more details as they emerge.

Courtesy of CVG.

Jan 30, 2008