Jurassic World Aftermath is basically a "raptor in the kitchen" simulator and it's out Thursday

Jurassic World Aftermath ties into the new trilogy of films, but its launch trailer proves that it's really the "raptor in the kitchen" simulator we've all been wanting since 1993.

The new virtual reality game is launching exclusively for Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 on Thursday, and it sends you back to the original park island of Isla Nublar to recover a certain genome. One pterodactyl-caused plane crash later and you're wandering through the island solo, trying to get to the lab, grab the goods, and get out of there. There's only one problem - OK, there are several problems, but one is especially bad: a velociraptor who hunts you all through the facility.

"There were countless hours spent trying to balance the velociraptor because she was just so damn good,” Universal Games executive producer Brian Gomez told Mashable. "AI really [progressed] to the point where it was very few of us that could actually survive her. And I think we finally got to the point where, when you first start, you're probably going to die a lot. You're going to die a lot until you start learning her behavior and … reading her body language and audio cues."

So, to recap, Jurassic World Aftermath has an Alien: Isolation style monster and environments that are very clearly paying homage to the raptor hide-and-seek scenes from the original Jurassic Park, and it comes out tomorrow. Looks like I may need to add "shrieking at a giant virtual lizard" to my holiday vacation plans.

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